how to make new component

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how to make new component

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hi, I'm using EdwinXP and looking for a way to create a new component for the library. Can you help me and give me a step by step introduction or example of what to do to create a new component?
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Re: how to make new component

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that's easy. I cannot describe here in detail how a new component is made step by step. Please note that each component has
- schematic symbol
- Package symbol
The schematic symbol is just a visual image for drawing a schematic. In the schematic symbol, the correct number of connections (pins) is important and each pin must have a name and pin number that match the datasheet of the real component.
The package symbol is more important than the schematic symbol. You need to choose the package correctly. For SMT packages, you need to check sizes and pads. If a package you want is not available, modify a package to suit your needs and save it to your package library.
Once you have the correct schematic symbol and package, open Edit Part and enter the component name, schematic symbol, and package. Select only one group in the Group section below. Open Edit and Edit Pinout there. Select “Edit and Auto Assign” and press Enter. The pins are assigned automatically. Then go back and save the new component to your component library.
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